"Meta-Data Enhanced Study Templates" :: A group discussing how study data can be made more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable

The group meets about 5 times a year to discuss a project relating to making research computable, mainly around tools, standards, and infrastructure for making research data more interoperable and accessible.

Scientific Evidence Code System, SEVCO

February 2022. Brian Alper, Computable Publishing /

Semantic publishing practices in annotation

September 2021. Joel Chan, U. Maryland

MDEST 2021-9-8 - Integrating (user-friendly) semantic publishing into annotation and note-taking practices for literature reviewing

Machine-Readable Hypothesis Tests

May 2021. Lisa DeBruine, Glasgow

The "Dextr" Annotation Tool

March 2021. Vickie Walker, US National Toxicology Program

The Metadata Inventory

January 2021. Monica González-Márquez,

Systematic Review Facility (SYRF) Data Model

December 2020. Gillian Currie and Chris Sena, Edinburgh /

MetaLab and Community Meta-Analyses

October 2020. Christina Bergman, Max Planck Institute


Demonstration of

August 2020. Emma Ganley and Lenny Teytelman /

What works for data sharing in chemistry?

July 2020. Antony Williams (US EPA) and Peter Murray-Rust (Cambridge)

Data Sharing in Chemistry - Antony Williams US EPA.pdf
Knowledge Capture for Environmental Studies - Peter Murray-Rust.pdf